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In recent times, it’s felt harder and harder to find quality services for your home or business. This is especially true when it comes to upgrading the appearance of your home or business. That’s why 1st Choice Painting & Repairs prioritizes reliable, hassle-free, and long-lasting results for every project.

Our painting, finishing, washing, and carpentry services are all performed with expert skill and precision. Paired with a 1-year limited warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, we never leave a project without ensuring the outcome is exactly what you’re looking for. To enhance the beauty of your environment, and restore it to top condition, schedule one of our services today.

Painting Services

Interior Painting

There’s no better way to bring your home or business to life than a solid interior paint job. Adding color, texture, and life to the spaces you spend most of your time in will not only improve your mood and productivity, but the experiences of your visitors as well. After browsing through our selection of premium paints, we can help you pick your next color. Then, with thorough prep work, we’ll paint the interior of your property safely and efficiently for beautiful results.

Exterior Painting

Appearances are everything, especially in the tourist-driven economy and housing market of the Panhandle. To ensure your home or business gives off the best impression, premium exterior painting services are a must. Covering an outdated, faded exterior with a fresh paint job will eliminate cosmetic imperfections like chips and stains, as well as get your property looking brand new. Revamp your home or business with a stress-free, long-lasting service like 1st Choice’s exterior painting.

Eco Painting

Want to reduce your exposure to chemicals and protect the health of your home and landscaping? Eco-friendly paint is the perfect solution. Performing just as well as normal paint, for both interior and exterior jobs, this option prevents property damage and supports healthier living. If you’re looking to reduce toxins in your environment, ask about our eco-paint options for your project.

Specialty Finishes

Wood Stain Work

Tired of your property’s worn, dingy-colored woodwork? Staining is a surefire way to bring your home or business’ wood back to life. Using the latest tools and materials, we’re able to refinish or stain brand-new wood with the best quality stains on the market. Choose from a variety of rich, beautiful colors and give your wood a depth it wouldn’t have naturally.

Garage Floor Finishing

Garage floors don’t have to be limited to gray concrete. In fact, you can have a solid stain or speckle flake design that’s perfect for a simple, but effective, renovation. When it comes to upgrading your garage floor, it’s all about the prep work. After that, our team can go in a lay down the foundation for your beautiful, durable new flooring finish. On top of that, we provide slip resistance that seals in your results for a longer, and safer, lifespan.

Additional Services

Deck and Fence Finishing

It can be easy to leave your fence or deck as-is with plain, raw wood. But, for a feature that lasts as long as your home or business does, we highly recommend proper finishing. That’s why 1st Choice offers paint, stain, and waterproofing treatments that look amazing—all while prolonging the life of your fence or deck. Starting with a thorough cleaning, and followed by a careful application of product, we’ll create the perfect finish to your property’s features.

Soft & Pressure Washing

Cleaning the exterior of your home or business can be a huge stressor. Especially if you don’t have the professional equipment to do it properly. Regular soap and water won’t remove buildup of stains, mold, algae, and wear and tear from the elements. Instead of potentially damaging your property’s paint or woodwork, let our team of pressure washing professionals clean it for you.

Carpentry Services

1st Choice Painting & Repairs doesn’t just paint, we’re also fully equipped to provide wood replacements and repair work. Whether you need a full deck replacement, trim work, or repairs for broken fences, we’ll take care of it. Sourcing quality lumber, we’ll make sure your project matches the rest of your property for a seamless look. With us, there’s no need for a follow-up appointment, we do it right the first time.

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