Destin and 30A HOA-Approved Painting

If your neighborhood has a homeowners association, you know how extensive the rules and regulations can be. We have a team of experienced painters who are familiar with the HOA rules and regulations, and we'll work with you to choose a color that is both stylish and approved by your HOA.

How to Keep Your Home Compliant With Your HOA

Violating the rules of your homeowner’s association can lead to costly fines and even result in the HOA placing a lien on your property.


  • Know the rules. The first step to keeping your home HOA compliant is to know the rules. Every HOA has its own set of rules and regulations governing exterior home painting, so make sure you know what they are for you.
  • Choose the right color. Most HOAs have a list of approved colors for your home. Ask your HOA president for a list if you need to know what colors are approved.
  • Get approval. Even if the color you want to use is on the approved list, you'll still need authorization from your HOA before you start painting. The HOA may even inspect your home before the job can start.
  • Hire a professional. To keep your HOA happy, we recommend hiring professionals. A professional painter will know general HOA rules and regulations, and they'll be able to get the job done in accordance with your community’s guidelines.
  • Maintain your paint job. Once you paint your home, it's essential to maintain the paint job, it's important to maintain the paint job by washing your house regularly and touching up any areas that start to fade or chip. By following these tips, you can keep your home HOA compliant and ensure that your home looks its best.

HOA-Approved Painting on the Emerald Coast

If you’re looking for a professional home painting service for your house, schedule a free estimate today! We guarantee our home painting contractors will leave you with a new coat of paint that you will love.

In most cases, you can paint the inside of structures without getting approval from your HOA. This includes your home, garage, and any enclosed sheds. However, HOA regulations vary from community to community, so it’s important to know the rules of your homeowner’s association.

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