Deck & Fence Finishing Services in Destin and 30A, FL

Destin and 30A Deck and Fence Finishing Services


Our fence and deck finishing service in Destin and 30A is meant to protect your investments by protecting the boards that make up your fence and deck.

Staining is an attractive option when you want to change the color of the boards but still want to see the natural grains in the wood.

Stain does just that, it stains the wood. To do this, it soaks into it and creates a barrier in the outermost layer of your deck or fence.


Painting is a popular option for drastic color changes and it doesn’t allow the wood grains to show through. It sits on top of the boards instead of soaking into the wood like stain but often offers more protection.


Clear coating the boards of your deck or fence is often the hardest to mess up, but it can be difficult to make sure you cover every square inch since it’s, well, clear. It will give the wood a slight sheen, but it’s much harder to see where you’ve already applied it than paint or stain.

As you might guess, clear coat leaves wood with almost the exact same look as if it were bare but does a surprisingly good job at preserving the boards and giving them longer lives.

Benefits of Deck & Fence Finishing

Sure, finishing your deck and fence can make them more visually pleasing, but it will also prolong the life of the boards. Untreated wood is more vulnerable to insect damage, weather damage, and fading.

How Often Should You Re-Finish Your Deck & Fence?

As a rule of thumb, you should re-finish your wooden deck and fence every two to three years. You may find yourself needing to do it more or less frequently depending on the quality and type of finish you use as well as the wear and tear the boards experience. 

For example, you may have to refinish the handrails and walking areas of your deck in under two years, while a high-quality finish on a fence may last 5+ years.

Deck & Fence Finishing in Destin and 30A

If you have a deck or fence that is bare or hasn’t been re-finished in over two to three years, give us a call today! It might not be too late to prevent the boards from warping or rotting.

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